53 minutes | Jun 17, 2019

#538 How Businesses Should Navigate the Fake News, Post-Truth Era

SEGMENT 1: We talk about how we seem to be living in a post-truth era where political leaders lie without penalty and the internet provides us any truth we want to fit our point of view. We are left wondering – Does truth exist anymore? Does it matter? Also, what role does truth play in business anymore? Our guest Shiv Singh is the founder of Savvy Matters and author of “Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era”. He was recognized in 2016 by Adweek as a Top 50 marketer, and he previously served as a Senior Vice President at Visa Inc., where he was responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy for some of the company's innovative products. SEGMENT 2: A lot of small business owners grapple with the same issue: when does my business outgrow accounting solutions like Quickbooks? We’ll show you when it may be time to put in a new system, such as an ERP system, that can grow with your business exponentially. Our guest Paul Killingsworth has been with SAP for 12 and he oversees Business One, one of two ERP solutions SAP offers for the small business market. SEGMENT 3: One of the basic human conditions is connections with other people. Social media and other electronic methods have given us additional ways to connect but is that all an illusion? Despite more ways to connect than ever, people feel more isolated than ever. We show you why connecting with people in-person is still king. For business, this includes in-person networking events versus connecting online. Our guest Jessica Shaanan is the Connection Queen. She has a unique ability to build trust and relationships quickly with anyone in the room, from prospects to power players. She is relentless in her mission to improve lives by teaching the Art of Connection. Sponsored by LinkedIn, Nextiva, Corporate Direct, MAKO and Web.com
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