53 minutes | Mar 15, 2019

#525 Why A Successful Network TV News Anchor Left His Career to Pursue Financial Freedom (And How You Can do the Same)

Segment 1: We first talk to Clayton Morris, a former FOX News Anchor and member of the Fox and Friends team. We talk about how he left his successful job and quit his high profile Network TV News Anchor career because he saw there was a way to financial freedom, and now he’s helping others find financial freedom too. Segment 2: How many times a day do you say you don’t have enough time to get everything done. Well, this is a lie you tell yourself. The problem is you spend so much time being busy but not productive. Lindsay Anvik is a fourth generation entrepreneur and CEO of See Endless, Inc. She travels the world giving seminars on productivity, leadership and marketing to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to major museums to mom and pop companies. We show you how to make the important distinction in your life between "busy" and "productive" and what you can do to make fully productive days a reality. Segment 3: One of the many sales methods that companies never use to market and sell their product are partners. What if other people and companies were out there selling your products or services? Marcus Cauchi is a Sandler sale trainer located in the southeast region of the United Kingdom where he has been successfully serving his clients since 2004. He has served clients successfully in over 450 segments of the market. We discuss what’s involved in establishing sales channel partners.
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