53 minutes | Feb 25, 2019

#522 Get Heard and Get Referred by Succeeding in the Two Moments of Truth

Segment 1: We talk about how small businesses can stand out in a noisy marketplace by succeeding in the two moments of truth. Steve Woodruff is known as the King of Clarity. In this world full of noise and distraction, Steve helps businesses craft a message so clear that they can be heard, remembered, and referred. In over 30 years of business experience, he has consulted with companies ranging from solo startups to Top Five Pharma. He is the author of “Clarity Wins: Get Heard, Get Referred”. Segment 2: We talk about how it has now been 10 years since the Great Recession – how long can this economy keep going? And what do we do as small business owners when it bottoms out? We predict when the next recession will hit and show you what you can be doing to prepare for it. Joshua Davidson has been on a mission with his team to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. To date, ChopDawg.com has helped launch over 250 web and mobile applications for startups, SMBs, non-profits and Fortune 500's around the world. He has a new book, “The Entrepreneur's Framework: How Businesses Are Adapting In The New Economy”. Segment 3: Does anyone who works for you as an employee or freelancer work remotely? We show you the best tools small businesses use to communicate with and keep track of their remote employees. Dave Nevogt is the co-founder of Hubstaff.com which helps virtual teams communicate better through automatic time tracking and activity tracking. He’s been running online businesses since he was 23, and now manages a team of 45 remote employees. Dave has been honored as one of Indianapolis’s top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs, and focuses on helping others manage remote teams. Sponsored by Nextiva and Corporate Direct
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