20 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

Ep. #31-Emila Deneke & Toya Gordon-PSU Students about their show “Too Much Info” with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes.

Emila Deneke & Toya Gordon

Toya and Emila, Penn State University Students, are the creators and hosts of “Too Much Info” a sports show that’s about everything but sports. The show is dedicated providing a platform for minority athletes to showcase their interests, passions and hobbies off of their field of play.

Toya and Emila are also the current President and Vice Presidents of Minorities in Sports Next, which is an organization dedicated to breaking down the barriers for minorities interested in pursuing a career in sports business.

Graduating this May, they plan to enter their professional careers in sports business by pursuing careers in sports brand marketing and sports wealth management.

About Sivonnia DeBarros

Sivonnia DeBarros – the Protector of Athletes – is a first-generation lawyer and law business owner, woman in business and a former track and field Division-I College athlete. DeBarros is passionate about helping athletes in business protect their brands through collaborative partnerships, education and support necessary to carry them to the next level. DeBarros’s practice areas are Business, Employment, Sports, and Entertainment. Learn more about her services at www.prosportlawyer.com and www.sldebarros.com.

What Are You Sporting About?

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