29 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

Episode 28: Showcasing Your Sizzle to Sell Your Brand

Last Friday, I had the honor of being invited to appear as a guest for the She Podcasts LIVE 2021 Conference! It's “the largest in-person gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more!” Well, in preparing that presentation (which was specific to PODCASTING--breaking down the elements of a media kit, putting together a sizzle reel, for example), I realized I could EASILY reshift that content's focus to be more general to help you with YOUR business, because whether you are promoting your brand to new clients, potential new investors, or other partnership opportunities, you need to showcase your sizzle! So, on this episode, I’ll start by 1) silencing any resistance you may have toward self-promotion. The mindset is often the first hurdle, after all! Then, I’ll cover the essentials of both 2) presenting your story and 3) creating a snapshot of your portfolio that shines--YOUR SIZZLE! And, I'll wrap up the episode with 4) how you put all of that together in pitching your sizzle to match the other person's needs and close those deals. Listen in, and let's do this...! Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here Host, Lead Editor, and Executive Producer: Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur Vocal Editor: Paul Stevens Connect with the Show and Leave a Voice Message: BizInTheBedroom.com Listen to BITB on Producer Jaime's Favorite Podcast Player: "Goodpods is GREAT!!" ~Producer Jaime Mentioned in this Episode: BITB Episode 2, January 4, 2021: You are Your Own Worst Naysayer Mentioned in this Episode: BITB Episode 3, January 11, 2021: Building a Portfolio - Reputation Matters Mentioned in this Episode: BITB Episode 9, February 8, 2021: Sales... Less Talking, More Listening Join the Dreamers Become Doers Community Across the Web: Goodpods | Clubhouse | Facebook| Patreon Follow me on social media: Instagram: @FlintStoneMedia Tik Tok: TikTok.com/@producerjaime Facebook: Facebook.com/FlinttoneMedia Twitter: @FlintStoneMedia LinkedIn: Producer Jaime | Flint Stone Media Clubhouse: @ProducerJaime Or, feel free to email me: Jaime@FlintStoneMedia.com Favorite tools I’m affiliated with: Canva Interested in podcasting? Let Producer Jaime coach you! | Pick Up My Top Tips Pack | Check Out My Other Show FULL of Tips: Podfest Podcast Additional Support Provided by: Flint Stone Media and Listeners Like You!! "Hit it hard. Keep the lights on." ~Jaime ----------------- Production House: Flint Stone Media Copyright of Flint Stone Media LLC 2021.
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