6 minutes | Jul 16th 2019

Financing Your Business - Episode 92

Capital constraints are rarely a problem in business because you can bring on partners, outside funding and alternative options. However, bringing on that outside capital comes with a cost.  If your business is doing well right now then it’s time to get access to capital for growth. If you’re struggling then this episode may give you options.   Links and Resources http://businessgrowthpodcast.com/business-credit-and-cash-flow-with-gerri-detweiler-of-navcom-episode-71/  http://businessgrowthpodcast.com/bgp-051-ty-crandall-business-funding-and-credit/  http://businessgrowthpodcast.com/bgp-049-gerri-detweiler-building-your-business-credit/  Kim Butler’s website www.partners4prosperity.com    The Prosperity Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-prosperity-podcast/id984573317      Subscribe and Share Find us on Apple Podcasts Follow us on Spotify Listen on Stitcher Say hi on Twitter @spencershaw If you like what you hear we’d love for you to to leave a review and tell us what you think. Your support is the fuel that keeps us going!
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