35 minutes | Apr 15th 2020

How Almost Every Video Business Owner is Selling the Wrong Thing! EP#081- Somi Arian

Somi Arian is a speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker specialising in the impact of technology on the digital native generations.

We return this week to part 2 of our interview where we dig deep into the future of tech and the video industry

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • One of the biggest lessons for any business owner to learn from COVID 19 (If this current situation doesn't show you the value of what Den and Somi discuss at 1:25 ... nothing will!)

  • A common trap that befalls many a business owner when growing their business. This is especially true of ambitious business owners. - 2:00

  • What Somi learned while making her documentary that's now saving her business buckets of money. - 2:30

  • A certain "type" of video production business you can't scale. You could try, but you probably better off buying a lottery ticket. - 3:20

  • What type of business model you should consider if you don't want to get your tail kicked by the ever-changing business landscape and the breakneck speed of new technology flooding the business world. - 5:00

  • Somi's screamin' good "Headline reader vs Footnote reader" lesson that will inspire the hell out of you. - 5:20

  • Human skills v Tech skills - which should you focus on in today's high-tech world? Hear Somi's surprising answer at 8:00

  • The “digital zombie” phenomena. - 8:30

  • What every editor and videographer should be focusing on now and well into the future. (Doing this will give you a huge leg up on the competition. 10:10)

  • How almost every video production owner is selling the wrong thing! - 10:20

  • Somi gives a laundry list of personal issues she's facing right now. (These would have most people sweating, wringing their hands and pacing the room, yet Somi is acting as cool as a polar bear's toenail. She explains why at 13:10)

  • Somi gives a “crash course” on how to be a person your clients can't do without and your employees can't help but go the extra mile for. - 15:00

  • A simple piece of advice Den gave his clients mid last year that's now proving to be the best advice he could have given. (Hear this golden advice at 16:00)

  • Why Somi doesn't do meetings. - 25:15

  • An ingenious way to make money from prospects before you even do a lick of work for them. - 26:00

  • Den's sneaky “trick” he uses on people who ask if they can pick his brain. Serious businesspeople appreciate this, but the "flakes" hate it! - 27:00

About Somi:

Somi Arian is a multi-award winning filmmaker, tech philosopher, entrepreneur, speaker, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, and Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen Z workplace training, which uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence.

Somi’s Documentary, “The Millennial Disruption” was referred to as “disruptive in its very approach” on BBC5 Live, and features industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar Land Rover, Daniel Priestley, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.

Somi was chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice and her thought leadership events attract C-Level executives of huge companies such as BBC, Channel4, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Morgan Stanley and many others.

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