53 minutes | Jan 28th 2020

Ep 48: Six Simple Questions Every Healthy Organization Asks

If I told you there was a tried and true, simple way to gain the upper hand over your competition, would you want to know the secret? Well, it’s called organizational health, and it’s something many leaders are ignoring. But, when done right, asking these six questions will completely change the game for your people, your profits, and your happiness. It’s time to get a gauge on your health and start thriving, not just surviving. Listen in.

The Conversation:

3:11 - Learn this one simple secret to keeping your life on track through different seasons.

12:39 - Today’s Moment of Truth - What to do when you’re disengaged and uninspired while reading the word.

19:24 - A quick introduction to Building Culture.

23:17 - Step #1: Build a cohesive leadership Team - If you don't have this, you'll never be able to develop organizational health.

28:36 - Step #2: Create Clarity by answering these 6 simple questions.

29:05 - Patrick Lencioni’s 6 Key Questions to organizational health and why they matter

29:05 - 1) Why do we exist?

33:13 - 2) How do we behave?

35:04 - 3) What do we do? (practically)

35:55 - 4) How will we succeed?

39:02 - 5) What's most important right now?

43:49 - 6) Who's Doing What?

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