29 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

Ep 46: The Ugly Truths of Entrepreneurship | My Biggest Life Lessons, Live from CarrotCamp

There are risks of being wired as an entrepreneur. We like to run at 100 mph for weeks, months, and years on end, always chasing the next big thing. The world is our oyster and anything is possible! But do we ever look back to see what lies in the wake of our ambition? In my recent talk I gave to entrepreneurs from all around the country, I share the hard questions we should all be asking ourselves, but more importantly - how to find that one thing we’re all searching for, without letting go of our ambition.

The Conversation:

2:50 - Today’s Moment of Truth - How to handle anxiety according to the bible & How to chase our dreams without getting burnt out.9:00 - My talk with 15 high-level entrepreneurs from around the country.

11:56 - Our biggest blind spots as entrepreneurs & how we can protect ourselves from the things that drag us down and hurt those we care about most.

16:38 - One of the biggest life lessons I’ve ever learned. We need to “Recognize, Value, and Protect” what we’ve been given.19:50 - Developing your own practice of gratitude.

22:25 - Struggle with motivation? Listen to this.

23:25 - The gift of limits - Why it’s sometimes okay to relax and simply take care of the things you’re responsible for, for a season.

26:05 - The three biggest breakthroughs in my life after discovering discovered gratitude.

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