48 minutes | Aug 6th 2019

Ep 44: Outside Insights | The New Competitive Edge Every Leader Needs w/ Greg Salciccioli

Where did we get the idea that when it comes to leadership, we’ve got to carry our burdens alone? Sometimes it’s so easy for us to become siloed in our businesses, to get so lost in the weeds that we begin to lose sight of what made us successful in the first place. When this happens, you need a coach. For nearly two decades, Greg Salciccioli has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their own leadership, their teams, and organizations. Listen in on my conversation with him today!

6:31 - Gregs passion for coaching as a career.

9:12 - Is there a stigma around professional coaching?

16:04 - Learning to embrace other passions in order to grow.

18:19 - Outside insight: Giving permission to someone that you trust, to speak into your life and hold you accountable.

21:43 - Wired to create: Understanding the gift of limits and what to do when you've started too many things!

26:10 - Systematic Renewal: How to prevent burnout and live with more energy.

33:33 - Behind the scenes at coachwell: a look at their unique intake process.

38:47 - Millennials: What it takes to retain a happy, satisfied, vibrant workforce.

41:44 - Skills of the Future: Greg’s best advice for the next generation entering the workforce.


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