29 minutes | Mar 26th 2019

Ep 39: 6 Keys to Winning Your Market

We don’t go into business with small goals. We go into business wanting to make a bigger impact. Yet, most of us revert back to the trial and error approach, instead of following proven methods to success. Successful leaders don’t just teach people what works, they teach people how they think. It’s developing the right mindsets for the right situation that helps us win. Today, I’m going to teach you the 6 keys that will help you transform your thought process, focus on your audience, and win your market.

The Conversation:

9:12 - #1 Be clear on your Audience -”Who do you want to serve, who are you best suited for, and who do you care about?

11:35 - #2 Hire a leader with credibility - "You're going to have to be the leader, or you're going to have to to find one. “Success will hinge on your leadership”

13:53 - A leader with credibility is going to have empathy with your client

15:06 - #3 Commit to thought leadership - “For me, I’m not committed to a vertical unless I’m committed to thought leadership.”

17:50 - #4 Build a megaphone - Figure out how you're going to get your ideas out to your audience… Trade associations, Trade publications, Brand ambassadors, and more.

21:15 - #5 Design your offers

25:54 - #6 Build your brand - “Your name and what you stand for needs to be clear to the market...continue to consistently deliver on what it is that you offer the world.”

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