57 minutes | Feb 13th 2021

Toby & Rosie Withers/Nelson - Toby & Rosie 100% natural soap and skincare.

How did a traveling Aussie and a beautiful Guatemalan woman meet, fall in love & start a successful skincare company that only sells 100% natural handmade products? Listen in to find the answer and also discover how to grow a business ethically! Toby & Rosie definitely have some great Business Couple Secret Sauce to share so grab a cuppa and have a listen. SPECIAL OFFER: 10% Off all Toby & Rosie products. Just use the code naturalme18 at the checkout. Learn More:Website - https://www.tobyandrosie.com.au/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TobyandRosie/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tobyandrosie.com.au/ Some Secret Sauce highlights from this episode:#1 If you're meant to be doing something, doors will open up as long as you put the work in.#2Knowing that we've changed someone's life for the better. Helped them heal something that’s bothered them every day for years is so rewarding. It's incredible. It’s what feeds that spirit or energy in us to keep creating and keep going with helping people.  #3When we get stuck. I say NO/STOP, we need to find help. Get out of your comfort zone, remove your ego, and go out and find someone who can coach you and help you to break through because otherwise, you won't last. #4Word of mouth can only take you so far. BioOur natural skincare & soaps reflect the passion we have for a healthy, ethical and sustainable lifestyle. We’re based in Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia and we personally handcraft all of our products usingonly the purest, freshest and healthiest ingredients possible. Our story began in 2009 in Guatemala, when a girl named Rosie, whilst studying at University, went to a party on the beach. Toby, an Australian traveling through Central and South America saw Rosie and it was love at first sight. We dated and spent the next few months building our love together until Toby picked Rosie up in a canoe on the beautiful Lake Peten on New Year’s Eve and proposed. We came back to Australia together and in 2011, we got married in a beautiful ceremony in Byron Bay. Eventually, our love of nature and the environment got us making our own natural products, just for ourselves but the more we learned about how bad most skincare was the more motivated we became to share our ideas and creations with friends and family.​ Whilst researching how to be as healthy as possible, we found that so much attention gets placed on what to eat, but not on what you put on your skin. When you consider that what you put on your skin ends up in your body, it’s just as important, maybe more so because, with skincare, you’re basically digesting chemicals and poison.
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