56 minutes | Dec 12th 2020

Daniele & Orly Del Castillo - Sasa Sicilian Bakery

Making a complete career change can be a tricky process but ultimately fulfilling if it's switching to something your passionate about. That’s what Daniele & Orly did when they studied for their Chef and Bakery certificates and started sharing their delicious Sicilian street food. Firstly at local Markets and then through opening their own shop/bakery “Sasa Sicilian Artisan Bakery”. Have a listen to find out how they did it!Learn More:FacebookInstagramSome Secret Sauce highlights from this episode:#1 Selling at the markets gives you a little more freedom because you don't have to pay your own rent each week and only go when you want. So if you want to go on holiday for two months, you can. But I believe if you have a product that is a good one,  a shop is best as it allows you to be more in control of what you do.#2There's a reason why normally in kitchens, there is one head chef. There was a time when we had to decide who’s the head chef and who’s in charge of the front of house. We had to choose our different roles. It was a very healthy decision for us at the time. That's when our business and relationship changed for the better. Because before that it was pretty tough. #3It’s wise to be quick to change things like processes, or products. When things weren't working and a product or process was taking too much of our time or energy we had to stop making it or adjust the process and move on. 
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