30 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Episode 3 — Andrew Winig on How to Answer "What Do You Do" in 30 Seconds

In Episode 3 of Business Breakthrough Thursdays, host Dave Fionda speaks with Elevator Pitch Coach Andrew Winig about those crucial 30 seconds you get to introduce yourself to someone new. If you've ever struggled with what to say in that tiny "elevator pitch" window, this is the podcast episode to listen to.


  • How getting "pigeonholed" or "typecast" might actually be a good thing
  • What the biggest mistake in networking you can make
  • How to be remembered as a "great conversationalist" without actually talking much
  • What the goal of your first conversation should be
  • How to break through the noise

Andy draws on improv, sales and even his dating experience to share wonderful insights into networking dynamics and the principles of successful pitches.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Andy discovered that business networking success starts with an effective 30-Second Elevator pitch. His proven 3-Step Elevator Pitch Coaching Process is based on his 10 year journey from cold call to referral salesman. Andy’s mission: to help small businesses get better leads from business networking. Andy received a BSCS from Yale University, where he was awarded a magna cum laude and elected to the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society. And of course, he's a Business Breakthrough Network expert.

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