15 minutes | Aug 6, 2016

What is WordPress? And, Why Should I Use it?

You know your business needs a website, but what software should you use to manage it? WordPress is one of the most popular and most fully-featured website building tools in the world. Let’s look at what this powerful tool is, and why you should use it to build the website for your business. Welcome to Business 3.0. Things we covered What is a content management system? Fun facts about the popularity and growth of WordPress The Toolbox to Help You Get Started Resources 25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress on Entrepreneur Why You Should Have a Blog for Your Business (Future Episode) Download WordPress Connect with us! Don’t Miss an Episode! Subscribe Below:   Like what you see? Click Here to Get Started The post What is WordPress? And, Why Should I Use it? appeared first on DwizzyWid Media.
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