59 minutes | Dec 25, 2020

BBC Podcast Ep 11 - STILL LIFE WITH MEREDITH by Ann Lewinson

This episode features author Ann Lewinson and songwriters from all over the country with new songs and performances inspired by Lewinson’s thought-provoking, art-provoking debut novella A STILL LIFE WITH MEREDITH. Get ready for songs like the accordion, flute, beatboxing ostinato from Jet Black Pearl in Portland, the new synth pop slow jam by Gary Burton in Brooklyn and a looping cello and vocal ballad from Mia Pixley in Oakland, CA. There’s also an original sketch written by Teresa Toro depicting a Zoom Tinder date between Marie Bonaparte’s clitoris (played by Teresa Toro) and Jesus’ foreskin (played by Don Rauf). The variety and creativity in the show only mirrors the imagination and depth of the book. Thank you Ann Lewinson for such rich artistic fodder. Performances from: Gary Burton, Ellia Bisker, Nick Balaban, Joy Askew, Teresa Toro, Sung Uni Lee, Charlie Nieland and Susan Hwang. From outside of New York— Timothy Dark (Las Vegas), Don Rauf (Seattle), Nan Turner (Kansas City), Jet Black Pearl (Portland), Amanda Thorpe (London), Chris Rael (Maryland), Mia Pixley (Oakland, CA). Thank you Nick Balaban for the intro music, and Charlie Nieland for the outro score!
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