63 minutes | May 25, 2020

BBC Podcast Ep 09 - STRAY by Tanya Marquardt

The first Quarantine edition of Bushwick Book Club featured 16 musicians, filmmakers, dancers and one chef who came together with author, Tanya Marquardt, to present new songs, dance, film and a fermented food offering in response to Marquardt's STRAY: Memoir of a Runaway. Performances were live-streamed not only from Brooklyn, but BBC Chapters in New Orleans and London. Excerpts from the live-stream show alternate with clips from songwriters and artists on their experience of this new format and other observations of life and art in Quarantine. If you listen to the end, you get to participate in the concluding ritual lead by the author, Tanya Marquardt, making this not only a podcast, but a tool for excising ancient karmic Quarantine sludge. Enjoy! Performers featured: Susan Hwang (host, Lusterlit, co-producer), Charlie Nieland (Lusterlit, co-producer), Sung Uni Lee, Ellia Bisker, Ray Brown, Teresa Toro, John S. Hall, Troy Ogilvie (w/Sean Gannet and Omar Zubair), Olivier Conan, Michael Lentz, Henry Tenney w/ Lulu, Tanya Marquardt, Stephanie Larriere, Scott MX Turner. Amanda Thorpe, Gary Burton, Swan Drsti with Spencer Bladyka. Lisa Barnstone's film is absent from the podcast, but please view it in the video of the whole show saved to our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/BushwickBookClub/). Tanya's performance of "Just Relax" was used with permission from Theatre Conspiracy Stray. (https://conspiracy.ca/stray)
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