74 minutes | Jun 28, 2017

BBC Podcast Ep 03 - Steve Martins's "Born Standing Up" & "Cruel Shoes"

Listening to people talk about Steve Martin is not as funny as listening to Steve Martin. We're not even going to pretend. We highly recommend listening to Steve Martin right now. Soon, you'll be ready to geek out with songwriters John S. Hall, Storm Garner, Terry Radigan, Charlie Nieland, Susan Hwang, Krystal Hawes, Nessa Grasing and comedian Tabitha Vidaurri along with resident literary chef, Jonathan Dressler. The songs are from their June 6th show at Barbès in Brooklyn. The conversation is from BBC host and founder, Susan Hwang's kitchen in Bushwick where she served Joyless Parent Pancakes without the No Punchline Punch. It's all inspired by Steve Martin's BORN STANDING UP and CRUEL SHOES. Thank you, Steve Martin. And thank you, Steve Martin's dad.
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