23 minutes | Jun 20th 2019

Episode 8 Interview with Doug Williamson - painter inspired by Rembrandt

Doug finished a new body of portraiture work. He is a humble guy with a great passion and talent for painting. I caught him at his opening and had a conversation with him in front of his work. He provides us with lots of details on his techniques, philosophy and his approach at SLAYING the dragon of RESISTANCE.  Doug's artist statement: With each passing year, I find myself traveling further into the past; giving myself over to the classical traditions and pathos of bygone eras. Seeming to always be struck in a different century, I have found wonderful refuge in kitsch - the enlightenment to see and be seen. Devoted to painting, I have taught myself various approaches of old and new masters to formulate my mark. I mostly work with still life compositions, but recently I'm being drawn towards the figurative.  Please like, share and review! Thanks so much!