51 minutes | Feb 3, 2013

Burning Down the House - Episode 130 - The Shape of Things That Work

Katy Purviance Basic is talking about form and function on this week's installment of Burning Down the House. Curtis B. Wayne calls up Katy to chat about the role of architecture in improving life, and the problems with design school. Why does so much contemporary architecture neglect the users of the structure? Curtis and Katy talk about formalism, and how novel (but generally nonfunctional) design often leads to increased work for designers and architects. What commonalities do Christopher Alexander and Dr. Temple Grandin share? Find out on today's episode of Burning Down the House! This program has been sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop. "I believe, like many others, that form follows function. But when you start with form and try to stuff the function into it, you get a building that doesn't quite work." [5:30] -- Katy Purviance Basic on Burning Down the House
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