65 minutes | Nov 18, 2012

Burning Down the House - Episode 123 - Intervals and Proportions with Guitarist George Naha

Today on Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne is joined in the studio by his old Cooper Union classmate, guitarist George Naha. Tune into this episode to hear about George's experiences at Cooper Union, and why he decided to leave architecture for the music world. Hear about George's career touring with some of the legends of soul! Curtis talks about Alberti's Santa Maria Novella, and how its proportions are related to musical intervals. Tune in to hear some live rock 'n' roll from George and Curtis! Curtis and George also talk about dirt and mess, and how its integral to the process of creation! Also, listen in to hear discussions about the price of higher education, particularly for architecture schooling. This episode has been brought to you by Rolling Press. "To really get great at something in music, you need to work on it in a place where there's no time constraint." [28:50] -- George Naha on Burning Down the House
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