30 minutes | Sep 30, 2012

Burning Down the House - Episode 117 - Revisiting Ergonomic Design

On this week's episode of Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne is talking about the ephemeral nature of architectural trends. Specifically, Curtis is revisiting the popular design topic of yesteryear: ergonomics. Tune in to hear Curtis discuss the lack of ergonomics in modern workstations, and why ergonomic practices have fallen out of favor. Curtis explains some of Niels Diffrient's ergonomic chair designs, and talks about a recent perfect ergonomic experience at the Richard Hunt monument in New York City. Curtis also talks about some products that never fully received ergonomic updates, such as the computer mouse. For more on design and ergonomics, don't miss this episode of Burning Down the House! This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. "When we improve the quality of our buildings, I think we will once again think about the ergonomics of our daily activities." "Ergonomics is adapting design to human proportion correctly." "To me, beauty is in function! Beauty comes from ease." -- Curtis B. Wayne on Burning Down the House
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