70 minutes | Sep 1, 2020

Kirsten Lundqvist Feeling Inspired (Reading Scripture Responsibly)

This week, Josh and Jesse welcome Pr Kirsten Oster-Lundqvist on to the podcast. Pr Kirsten is a Danish pastor currently working and living in Wellington, NZ, and comes with a wealth of knowledge and ministry experience. In this episode, we talk all about inspiration and interpretation. One thing we all need to grapple with is the fact that we all bring cultural, gender, and racial presuppositions to the table when reading the Bible, and Pr Kirsten helps us grapple with this in this episode.Website and Blog | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram | MerchSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.This episode of Burn the Haystack is sponsored by Avondale University College. To learn more about Avondale, click here.
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