78 minutes | Aug 25, 2020

Herman Who? (Reading Scripture Responsibly)

This week, Josh and Jesse tackle one of the most tricky parts of Biblical reading: forming a Hermeneutic. If you've never heard the word before, essentially it's the process of interpretation. Once I know what the text meant to its original author and audience, how do I translate that intent into something I can apply to my life? Though it's not a word we use in our everyday vernacular, it's something we do every time we engage with Scripture. To read the Bible is to form a Hermeneutic. So, let's find out how we can form a faithful and honest Hermeneutic by using all the tools and principles we've learned so far.Website and Blog | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram | MerchSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.This episode of Burn the Haystack is sponsored by Avondale University College. To learn more about Avondale, click here.
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