69 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

Context, Context, Context (Reading Scripture Responsibly)

This week, Josh and Jesse talk all about context, exegesis, and eisegesis! In order to truly understand the story of the Bible, we first need to understand the original context that produced the Bible. So today, we touch on the process by which we discover that original context, as well as giving you a few tools to help you discover it for yourself.Tools for Exegeting Scripture A few good translations (one that you use primarily as well as a few to provide counterpoint/contrast). We recommend as a starting point: ESV, CEB, NIV, NLT, MSG, and the NASB. A good Study Bible (preferably one that you enjoy reading). Enduring Word Commentary BibleHub Bible Tools Bible Web App Wikipedia Best Commentaries Bible Project Website and Blog | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram | MerchSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.This episode of Burn the Haystack is sponsored by Avondale University College. To learn more about Avondale, click here.
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