63 minutes | Jan 9, 2017

Alberto Rey

Alberto Rey’s interview with Heather Gring of the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Hear him discuss his career as a student, teacher, and artist. He traces his road to becoming a professional artist from copying images he found in art history books, to obsessing over the illustrations in Mad magazine, and finally to deciding on going back to school for fine arts and finding his passion in teaching. Rey is able to give advice to artists from an academic standpoint while being the working class Cuban-American he is. Rey lives on the line between high and low art; since both cannot be done, the artist must find a balance and paint what he/she knows. Rey refers to the working artist as being an “aesthetic construction worker;” an artist must work on his/her art every day and not wait for inspiration.  Tune in to hear the professor’s advice on the best fine arts programs out there, how to choose, and ways to be both a personally fulfilled and successful artist afterwards.   
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