63 minutes | Aug 9th 2019

Episode 37 The Sarge

We're BACK!! And we have an AMAZING episode for you! We talk to Pro Wrestler and former Federal and current State Correctional officer here in Connecticut, he gives us an inside look of the state and federal correctional system. And it's not at all what you would expect! It's definitely an interesting episode you don't want to miss so make sure you subscribe and review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Keep up with all things Bullpen at BullpenTherapy.com follow us on Instagram @BullpenTherapyPodcast and Twitter @Bullpen_Therapy  or send us an email to Questions@Bullpentherapy.com        Are you 21 or over? Do you live in California or will you be visiting California? If so, head over to SmokedHoneyCA.com and check out their Dispensary Locator and find out where you can get the best tasting highest potency and quality distillates in California! Smoked Honey offers just that- the best tasting, highest potency and quality distillates in California. So go grab one of their super convenient Carts for vaping or one of their insanely versatile Dab Darts. That's right, the Darts can be Dabbed, added to your joint, blunt, weed, OR EATEN!! The fully activated solvent-free distillates in the dart can be added to any food or beverage (Preferably a hot drink or food so it melts a bit- it's THICK) and eaten without any need for decarboxylating!!! So check out SmokedHoneyCA.com and check them out on Instagram @SmokedHoney !!     Follow us on Instagram    Brian Barganier @DaddyPorkchop DaddyWoke.com   Sean Hennessey @AShotOfHennessey AShotOfHennessey.com 
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