52 minutes | Nov 9th 2018

Episode 22 Comb My Chest Hair With Comedian Luis J. Gomez

Welcome To The Bullpen!! You asked for him, so we got him!! We sit down with the always hilarious Comedian and Podcaster The Puerto Rican Rattlesnake Luis J Gomez!! The Bullpen Boys did an episode of Real Ass Podcast, then we sit down to talk weed, arrests, weed arrests, and so much more. Luis talks about his various arrests for smoking weed in New York City and for an argument with a roommate, he tells us about the Stop and Frisk program in NYC and why it was a failed program from the start and explains the difference between central booking and the tombs (there is none they are the same thing). This was such a fun episode to record. Luis and Real Ass Podcast played a big part in the creation of this podcast so it was awesome to finally get him on. Check out his podcasts on GaSdigitalnetwork.com !! Follow the show on Instagram @BullpenTherapyPodcast and Twitter @Bullpen_Therpay and keep up with all thing Bullpen at BullpenTherapy.com    Are you 21 or over? Do you live in California or will you be visiting California? If so, head over to SmokedHoneyCA.com check out their Dispensary Locator and find out where you can get the best tasting highest potency and quality distillates in California! Smoked Honey offers just that- the best tasting, highest potency and quality distillates in California. So go grab one of their super convenient Carts for vaping or one of their insanely versatile Dab Darts. That's right, the Darts can be Dabbed, added to your joint, blunt, weed, OR EATEN!! The fully activated solvent free distillates in the dart can be added to any food or beverage (Preferably a hot drink or food so it melts a bit- it's THICK) and eaten without any need for decarbing!!! So check out SmokedHoneyCA.com and check them out on Instagram @SmokeHoney !!     Do you love delicious craft beer? Head over to Cottrellbrewing.com or go down to 100 Mechanic St Pawcatuck, CT to Cottrell Brewing Company. Cottrell is Connecticut's oldest brewery and has a beautiful tasting room in Pawcatuck CT with a gorgeous mural inside, a nice seating area outside including putt putt and cornhole!! So stop down and try their delicious Incredibly pretentious Ale. Or check out their Tap Take Over Comedy Show at The Elbow Room, West Hartford CT. on November 6th!     WE HAVE MERCH!! Go To:  BullpenTherapy.com/commissary or WeHaveMerch.com/collections/bullpen-therapy-podcast to get any of our Tee's Hoodies and Mugs for both Home and To-Go!! Get your Bullpen Therapy Merch TODAY!!     Follow us on Instagram    Brian Barganier @PopsicleDiceLove DaddyWoke.com   Sean Hennessey @AShotOfHennessey AShotOfHennessey.com   Luis J. Gomez @GomezComedy GomezComedy.com  Check out Luis's Podcasts Legion Of Skanks, Believe You Me, and Real Ass Podcast at GaSDigitalNetwork.com
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