42 minutes | Jun 25th 2018

34 Romaines & Centenarians

On this episode - Shane sings the praises of a world cup related ad campaign, which is a good job really because it turns out that he knows one of the people in it and Adrian is torn between tales of trading lettuce related puns with the self appointed 'Mayor Of Balham' and bemoaning the distinct lack of 'Happy 100th' birthday cards.
As Airbus warn that it could leave the UK if we exit the European Union single market and customs union without a transition deal, we discuss the future of air travel and look at the context In which the manufacturer is making their claim.
The Grammy-nominated artist Akon is planning to build a futuristic city in Senegal and base its entire economy around a new cryptocurrency named after himself. He's already been gifted the land, but is he just daydreaming out loud or could his utopian vision actually work?

See the video here: http://bit.ly/2z0P93k
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