40 minutes | May 21st 2018

29 Bride & Prejudice

On this episode - Shane recounts the details of his latest trip to the dentist and reveals if it's his teeth that are rattling in that little white box whilst Adrian takes a moment to shamelessly plug his latest mockumentary on the fabulous London podcast (www.londonpodcast.net).
Well, it pays to advertise.
Also this week, delivery employees at Deliveroo are set to receive a bonus, whilst their self employed counterparts will get nothing. Is it fair that the people at the sharp end of the company won’t get a bonus?
And love it or loath it, you probably haven't been able to escape it. This week saw a right royal wedding as Harry and Meghan gave their troth a good old plighting. Will it be Shane or Adrian* that goes all romantic and mushy at the thought of it?

*It could be neither

See the video here: http://bit.ly/2z0P93k
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