43 minutes | May 14th 2018

28 Gas Masks & Grandads

On this episode - Adrian heads off to yet another of his swanky cocktail parties but this time he may not be recognised as he dons a Gas Mask and Bowler Hat whilst Shane wonders if he should correct people who think that he is his son's grandfather.
The assisted suicide of David Goodall at a swiss clinic this week sparks an interesting debate around choosing the time of your own death, not least because David was 104 years old and not terminally ill.
And as the Institute for Public Policy Research suggest that all UK-born citizens should be given £10,000 as a “universal minimum inheritance” when they turn 25, we ask if the idea would ever get off the ground and what it would mean to our ageing population.

See the video here: http://bit.ly/2z0P93k
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