40 minutes | Mar 5th 2018

19 Grit & Determination

On this episode - As snow grips parts of the UK, an Englishman's thoughts turn to the weather and Adrian tells tales of staying in hotels to be close to work and wandering around M&S looking for his undercrackers whilst Shane recounts his first rural snow fall, deftly dealt with by the farming community.
Lots of worrying news from the high street this week as we discuss the fortunes and misfortunes of retail big boys Maplin, Toys R Us, Prezzo and Marks & Spencer and ask if societal habits are changing the face of shopping.
And as we become set to see 26 variations of the 10 pence piece (one for each letter of the alphabet) we ask if constant currency changes are necessary and do we get it right when choosing who or what our money commemorates.

See the video here: http://bit.ly/2z0P93k
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