35 minutes | Sep 13, 2022

Greg Rockson, Co-Founder and CEO of mPharma - Transforming pharmacies into the ‘care coordination infrastructure’ for Africa

“We interviewed patients across Ghana and we asked them, ‘Between a pharmacy, a doctor clinic, and a traditional healer, who do you visit most often? And 55% of people picked a pharmacy.” Greg Rockson, mPharma CEO and Co-Founder. 

Greg Rockson once arranged face-to-face meetings between top Israeli and Palestinian diplomats, created a mentorship program for refugee children from the Middle East and Somalia, and interned for Keith Wright, a former member of the New York State Assembly. These days the recipient of the 2019 Skoll Award and a 2022 Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst is focused on building what he has described as a “scalable version of CVS Health in Africa.”

Founded in 2013 and now present in nine African countries, mPharma is supporting pharmacies so that they can deliver primary healthcare services to build “an Africa that’s in good health.”

In this episode, we dive into Greg’s vision of healthcare delivery for Africa.

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