31 minutes | Sep 13, 2022

Akshay Grover, CEO of Cellulant – Navigating Pan-African Growth

“I feel that fintech [companies] take a view that they're competing with the banking industry. We are of the view that we are partners to the banking industry. There are certain values or benefits that the banking system creates and there are certain advantages that we as an innovative fintech business bring to the table. You combine these two things and it's a very powerful customer and customer proposition." Akshay Grover, Cellulant CEO.

In 2021, Ken Njoroge, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellulant, a Kenyan fintech company, stepped down to make way for an “enterprise runner” to lead the company into a new stage of growth. Who was that operator? Akshay Grover, a 20-year technology and finance veteran who started his career at Ernst & Young in India.

With Akshay at the helm, Cellulant has set ambitious new targets and doubled down on its B2B strategy.

In this episode, Akshay shares his biggest learnings for building a pan-African tech company and why African fintech has barely scratched the surface.

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