36 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

EP 112: Grand Canyon NP Bison Removal with NPS and Russ Jacoby

Grand Canyon National Park is seeking skilled volunteers for North Rim bison reduction. The online application period is open May 3rd and 4th to all qualified adults after which a lottery drawing will be held to select 12 final volunteers for the fall cull. Advisors Austin Atkinson and Garth Jenson bring you this podcast with an exclusive interview with Park Service Employee Kaitlyn Thomas to go over the details as well as a follow-up discussion with local guide and bison expert Russ Jacoby.  Application to be a Volunteer AZBisonStewards.com Bison Removal FAQ  NPS Bison FAQ Let us know your opinion and what else you'd like to hear about this lethal removal program.
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