86 minutes | Aug 21, 2017

Rob Kelly - CEO & Co-founder of Ongig

Rob’s purpose can be summed up pretty succinctly - “Rob believes everyone should love business and entrepreneurship”. Why does this simple statement summarize Rob? Well, he believes in creating value for others, and he sees business and entrepreneurship as a direct path to achieving it. Rob’s journey may very well be a perfect example of how many of our journeys look. His current passion, helping employers create and promote their career opportunities with job ads that don’t suck, Rob and the team at Ongig are turning talent acquisition into the marketing focused activity it’s meant to be. This episode is, what I would call, organized chaos. There’s a potpourri of wisdom, stories, and opinions on everything from going to college, to starting a business, to swimming with dolphins, and even a little music trivia sprinkled in. Listen to this podcast interview and more episodes from the Built On Purpose Podcast at http://yscouts.com/podcast
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