48 minutes | May 19, 2016

Ray DelMuro, Founder, Refresh Glass: Home of the 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission

Ray DelMuro is the founder and CEO of Refresh Glass, a company on a mission to rescue 10M wine bottles and turn them into everyday glassware. Ray’s journey from aerospace engineer, to world traveler, to the founding of Refresh Glass is a story almost everyone can relate to.  In this interview we talk about the power of complementary pairs, a theme that has guided Ray throughout his life. Style and Function, Emotional and Logical Connection, Utility and Design - these are examples of complementary pairs that we discuss in this interview. We also dive into the power of using business as a force for good and why following your passion may not be the best advice. Enjoy this episode with Ray DelMuro and more episodes from the Built On Purpose Podcast at http://yscouts.com/podcast
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