48 minutes | Jul 14, 2016

Matt Likens - Former President & CEO at Ulthera, Inc.

Matt Likens grew up in a lower middle class family and became quite familiar with the concept of scarcity. As a result of this upbringing, Matt learned quickly that he was going to have to work hard for anything he wanted. After graduating from college, he went to work for Johnson & Johnson representing the industrial tape division. Quickly realizing his drive to do more meaningful work, Matt left J&J and joined Baxter Healthcare, where he spent the next 23 years in a variety of roles across the globe. After experiencing working for many different leaders, Matt learned how to emulate the traits and behaviors he felt were the right leadership traits. He also learned the cruel effects of ego and narcissism in leadership and the damage it has on an organization. Taking all of his lessons learned, he took a leap and joined an Arizona start-up called Ulthera as their CEO—and his first stint as a CEO. After operating the company for a handful of years, Matt and the leadership team decided it might be important to declare a purpose for the organization—so we’ll explore what it means to “Lift Lives.” Matt Likens is a passionate storyteller and shares invaluable lessons for leaders across all industries with an emphasis on why culture matters so much in today’s business world. If you are in a leadership role, or are about to be, this is one interview you'll find full of gems. Listen to this podcast interview and more episodes from the Built On Purpose Podcast at http://yscouts.com/podcast.
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