45 minutes | Jul 20, 2016

Matt Altman - Co-Founder, Sportiqe Apparel

Matt Altman is quite a unique individual. In fact, this concept of uniqueness is something we cover quite extensively in this podcast, as Matt has chosen to integrate this concept into every part of his life. After 12 years working for a variety of professional sports teams focused in merchandising, he and his fellow co-founder decided to launch a lifestyle apparel company called Sportiqe. What started out as a business focused on creating a more comfortable brand of clothing has evolved into so much more: a business that is focused on celebrating the unique fan inside of  everyone. Building and growing a business requires hiring the right people—and Matt shares his philosophy around the importance of aligning the right people to the company and its culture. We talk about the importance of learning as a continuous journey, and how Matt believes his role as a leader is to help people become the best version of themselves by creating the best environment in which people can grow and thrive. In addition to his role as the Principal of Sportiqe, Matt is an accomplished speaker and delivered a powerful TED talk about the 2 ingredients necessary to be rich. Matt is a deeply philosophical leader and there’s no doubt you’ll walk away from this episode with a deeper appreciation for everyone in your life.

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