45 minutes | Apr 7, 2017

Luke Larson - President of Axon (TASER International)

Luke Larson is the President of Axon, formerly TASER International. There’s no doubt the news media has been sharing what seems like a massive increase in the deteriorating relationship between law enforcement professionals and the communities they are paid to protect and serve. An element of the story that gets very little attention, if any, is the way in which technology is helping our law enforcement professionals do their jobs better, especially given the fact that our world is being disrupted in every way imaginable. Enter Axon. In my conversation with Luke, he articulated the purpose behind Axon — to make the bullet obsolete. Think about that for a moment — think about a world where law enforcement professionals don’t have to rely on the bullet to keep order and peace. Imagine a world where technology can replace the almighty bullet with something less lethal, and more powerful. In this very special episode, Luke Larson shares: The often untold story of how TASER, now Axon, came to be We touch on Luke’s two tours in Iraq and how that experience has helped him in his role as president of Axon The evolution of a product-manufacturing company to a SaaS and technology company The power of assembling a great team and the importance of clear & concise Values to guide the behaviors The way in which law enforcement is positively impacted by technology I’m really excited about this episode — and I hope you enjoy hearing Luke Larson's story as much as I did. Listen to Luke Larson and more Built On Purpose Podcast guests at yscouts.com/podcast.
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