72 minutes | Dec 13th 2017

Lauren Bailey - CEO & Co-Founder of Upward Projects

As the CEO and co-founder of Upward Projects, a family of restaurant concepts, Lauren Bailey knows firsthand how hard work, passion and grit can help pave the road to success. 

There's a lot covered in this episode, including: exploring Lauren’s passion for art and design and how she was able to find her calling in the restaurant business, the philosophy of Upward Projects - putting employees first no matter what, the disruption happening in the restaurant business, and how Lauren and her team are monitoring the trends. Lauren also talks about one of the biggest mistakes she's made, and how she and her team responded to the challenge.

This episode also explores the importance of women in leadership - an interesting topic given the late 2017 explosion of sexual harassment claims happening across entertainment, business and politics - Lauren’s infamous ‘cookie monster’ story is one for the ages, and finally, we touch on Lauren’s inaugural Conscious Capitalism experience and the impact it is having on her and the business.

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