50 minutes | Mar 16, 2017

Craig DeMarco - Founding Partner of Upward Projects

Today I'm interviewing Craig DeMarco, one of the founding partners of Upward Projects, which is better known for its family of restaurants including Postino Wine Cafe, Joyride Taco House, Windsor, Churn, and Federal Pizza. In this spirited discussion, Craig shares stories related to: Lessons learned watching his entrepreneurial father The power of venturing off the beaten path, when visiting new places The underrated quality of having a beginner’s mindset Challenges of growing a neighborhood-focused business and the creativity that comes from hard times The amazing power of True Hospitality Why having a purpose beyond profit leads to more profit And, some other odds and ends that involve a VW Rabbit, and Alpine Stereo, Skateboarding, and a Playboy wall installation If you live in the Phoenix area, you’ll love this episode. If you don’t live in the Phoenix area, you’ll want to listen in so you know where to eat the next time you visit the Valley of the Sun. And, if you have no plans to be in Phoenix any time soon, well, this episode is a great example of an inspired leader who wakes up every day with one purpose in mind: to raise vibrations. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this conversation with Craig DeMarco. Listen to this episode and more interviews on the Built On Purpose Podcast at yscouts.com/podcast.
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