47 minutes | Feb 25, 2016

Clayton Christopher, CAVU Venture Partners

Clayton Christopher is an entrepreneur who has founded or has co-founded food and beverage brands like Sweet Leaf Tea, Deep Eddy Vodka and Rhythm Super Foods to name a few. Clayton is one of 3 principals of CAVU, a venture fund that invests in consumer products. The fund has raised $156 million for it's debut. Clayton has a classic entrepreneurship story, and we’ll dive into a few of those stories in this episode, but the big one that stands out to me is that Clayton started Sweet Leaf Tea on $12,000 and his grandmother’s recipe before selling the company to Nestle 13 years later for $183M. We’ll talk about that story in this interview. We'll also talk about Deep Eddy Vodka and his sale of the brand to a Kentucky distiller for nearly $400M. Clayton is passionate about entrepreneurship, he loves helping small food and beverage companies scale, and he’s out in Austin, Texas - the epicenter of consumer innovation - let’s just dive right into it.  Please enjoy this interview with Clayton Christopher. For more interviews, please visit yscouts.com/podcast
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