65 minutes | Oct 7th 2016

Amelia Newbury - Chief Operating Officer, Authentic Leadership Institute

Today we're interviewing Amelia Newbury, the Chief Operating Officer at the Authentic Leadership Institute.

The Authentic Leadership Institute is focused on helping leaders discover and tap into what makes them unique. It’s a program designed to harness the power of purpose and deploy it into the business world, so that we can tackle the biggest, hairiest problems we are all facing. In this episode, Amelia shares:

  • The institute’s definition of authentic leadership

  • Why authentic leadership and purpose matter now more than ever

  • Stories and examples proving that purpose drives profitability, positively impacts health and well-being, and creates stronger organizations, especially as we race towards a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

  • And finally, a powerful question you can ask yourself if you desire to discover and tap into your own unique purpose

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this interview with Amelia Newbury.

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