63 minutes | Aug 8, 2016

Adam Goodman - President & CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures

Adam Goodman is the President & CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures. If the name of Adam's company means very little to you, I’ll simplify: Adam and his team sell office furniture. So, why am I interviewing a leader of a office furniture company for a podcast all about Purpose? Adam’s story is the perfect example of how a 3rd generation commodity-driven company can evolve from a “sell more stuff to more people to make more money” to a company driven by a higher purpose. The Goodmans story and the way Adam articulates it is raw, unfiltered and powerful. In this interview, we cover everything from Adam’s dream of changing the community through journalism to the overwhelming feeling of nervousness, and dare I say embarrassment, he felt when sharing the newfound higher purpose in front of his 200 team members. This interview is packed with insightful stories and advice every leader can internalize and apply to his or her business or team. Humor, sarcasm, seriousness, profanity - it’s all here. Even if you’ve heard the Goodmans story before, I promise you’ve never heard it like this - I’m already declaring this interview a repeat favorite. Listen to this podcast interview and more episodes from the Built On Purpose Podcast at http://yscouts.com/podcast.
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