59 minutes | May 25, 2021

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Launching a Private Practice

In this episode of Building Us podcast hosted by Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT and Erik Garcia, CFP®, counselors, listen in as Dr. Matt discusses the 5 things he wishes he knew before launching his private practice. As a bonus, Tralana Eugene, marriage and family therapist, discusses the 5 things she's considering as she prepares to launch her practice.Episode Highlights: Does Tralana think that selling is part of the counseling business? (4:49) Tralana shares her opinion about strong arming and counseling. (8:41) Tralana tells us what she’s actively thinking about. (10:43) Tralana mentions a book she’s currently reading entitled Primalbranding, by Patrick Hanlon.  (14:36) Does Tralana think that marketing is somewhat tied to an ideal client? (16:36) Tralana mentions why a lot of therapists depend on other types of platforms. (29:46) Tralana shares what a therapist’s office should look like. (40:47) Tralana mentions why the burnout rate for counselors is something that people need to be thinking about. (47:30) Key Quotes: “It’s very important to think about what you’re passionate about...If you're starting a practice, you definitely want to make sure you're putting it out there, so that the clients that you prefer to work with... those are the clients that you're attracting.” - Tralana Eugene “If my website had everything that a client needs to know about the work… If I answered those common questions that I typically get asked in that phone consultation… now, I’ve just saved money, because I've saved myself 20 to 30 minutes, right?” - Tralana Eugene “Working from home can be great but, sometimes it's actually nice to have to work outside of home. So, I'm thinking about self care boundaries... things like that.” - Tralana Eugene Resources Mentioned: Tralana Eugene LinkedIn University of Holy Cross Erik Garcia, CFP® Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT Garcia Financial Group Matt Morris & Associates
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