4 minutes | Jun 6, 2021

Nathaniel Japhta - Overcoming adversity

Nathaniel Japhta talks about the challenges of growing up in the Cape Flats, one of the most violent neighbourhoods in South Africa, and the importance of being a role model and a mentor for young people trying to escape difficult backgrounds. Nathaniel Japhta is a Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur that is passionate about people and changing lives. There have been a number of experiences that defined Nathaniel’s upbringing and his outlook on life. He grew up in the Cape Flats in South Africa – one of the toughest places to live for any youngster. There is a constant lure of gangsterism, violence and drugs, extremely under-resources schools and many doesn’t know how to escape it all. Nathaniel overcame these challenges and he was the first in his family to go to university and earn a tertiary qualification.Despite being a smart and hardworking young man, he admits that he would not have gotten as far as he did have it not been for the people around him, who spoke potential into his life.Today he owns multiple businesses and is the founder of Pro 226 Africa, an organisation focused on education and sport. His global partners are ex NBA and Euroleague superstars.
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