7 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

Marc Alain Boucicault - The importance of building a great network

Marc Alain Boucicault is founder of Banj, the first and biggest entrepreneurship hub of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In this podcast you'll hear Marc Alain outline the ingredients needed for resilient, sustainable and innovative ecosystems.Marc Alain shared 3 things he wished he knew sooner on his entrepreneurial journey:Start building networks early.Find a great idea and build it sustainably by starting small, test and grow.Build strong partnerships, don’t go at this alone.Marc Alain also refers to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a starting point for direction and purpose. “Look at the SDG’s, full of problems around the world. If you can find a solution, that’s great, you are relevant. Then you need to build something strong around it – we call it a business model.”He concluded by speaking about the need to begin with a business model but to think beyond that.If you want to build a strong ecosystem don’t just think about building a great business, think about building a great network that’s going deep into the social tissue around you. Make sure that everything you do is really looking at the opportunity to bring people together and create value together.
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