6 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Dr. Mosima Mabunda - what looks like a closed door is actually a growth opportunity

Dr. Mosima Mabunda faced multiple challenges in one at the start of her career. Newly relocated to London with her husband, she needed to find the capital to fund her study for an MBA at Oxford University, while seven months pregnant with her first child. Even after giving birth, she combined her studies with working as a locum in a hospital ward which meant long hours away from her young son.Despite these difficulties, Dr Mosima said she was grateful for the experience now because it taught her that she was able to do more than she had thought she was able to. “I took from that experience that you have more capacity than you realise. Sometimes it takes being pushed against a wall to make you realise that … what looks like a closed door or a wall is actually a growth opportunity; it’s an opportunity for you to show up differently and try different things. There is always a way.”Now, Mr Mosima is the head of Vitality Wellness at Discovery, one of South Africa’s most innovative companies. “Given what I’ve been through and what I’ve had to overcome, I now believe in the art of the possible. I now thrive on problem solving and enjoy it,” she said.
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