62 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

Virtual Home Design and Digital Consumer Trends with Chad Bria

Focus Discussion of the Week (15:30):

Finding the pre-sales process a bit too long for your liking? Are appointments to your design center being booked in weeks, rather than days, after a visit on your website? It’s the digital age and you need a tool to help visitors visualize their hew home! Episode 6 of Building Perspective digs into Virtual Home Design and Digital Consumer Trends with Chad Bria from BDX. Today, Chad discusses Envision and how this new product ties in virtual home design with the customer journey. Consider it an “online design center” where your prospects can visualize options, finishes, and features right on the screen in front of them instead of waiting for those expensive items to arrive from your bath and kitchen distributor. Learn all about it and see if this works for your business in this episode! 


Top Topics of The Week (1:50):

  • Marketing Land reports that the average attention rivals that to goldfish at 8 seconds! That means you’ll have to grab them instantly to tell your story. See why at https://mklnd.com/2Udc2Yp.
  • AdAge says 90% of the data in the world today has been created in just the past two years! We are now in the “Digital Revolution”. Read all about it http://bit.ly/3476a7G.

Two perspectives come together to host a weekly discussion exploring all things sales and marketing related from their unique points of view. Each week Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley and others from Group Two dive into the latest trends, changes, best practices, and dive in deep with a Focus Discussion of the Week.


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